Why Your Business Should Develop a Social Media Presence

By Christine Salberg | Media

Jul 21
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Social media is a great marketing tool but it takes time and consistent effort to build a brand presence and gain momentum.

The benefits of a Social Media Presence are:

1. Brand Recognition

Posting valuable content establishes your company as an expert in your field.

You can build a solid reputation for your brand based on your company’s values and culture. Online consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service from brands they are familiar with through social media. An established social media presence will increase your SEO (search engine optimization) and bring more potential customers to your web site.

2. Community Engagement

Through social media platforms you can connect with individuals in your field and cultivate these connections through networking and dialogue. With over 1 billion social media users the potential to reach new customers is limitless.

3. Influence

As your followers, fans and connections increase so does your influence. Your posts become far reaching and are often re-posted to others.

The key is to be listening to feedback , be it positive or negative , and responding in a timely fashion. Social media is in real time. All inquiry responses should be made within 24 hours.

4. Staying Current

Customers routinely check a company’s social media sites before deciding on a purchase. It is important to keep your sites current and active.

There are many companies that set up their social media profiles and never post content past the set up date. This makes your company appear dated.

Social media use is growing and other marketing tools such as print ads are becoming less relevant. People are often making social media their “go to” resource when looking for vendors or products.

5. Competitive Advantage

Most companies are not consistent with their social media strategies. Posts are added randomly with no flow to content.

By having a social media strategy your company stands out. It is also possible to monitor what your competitors are doing through social media.

Social media is the modern day word of mouth. So go ahead and get social…

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