Why Your Business Needs a Brand Story

By Christine Salberg | Branding

Feb 11

Storytelling has been a key component to civilization since the beginning of time. Stories are an intrinsic part of our society and culture. Traditionally, stories have been handed over from generation to generation.

Stories entertain, educate and inform. They bring people together and help forge relationships.

Brand stories, as they apply to business, are about who your company is, how it came to be and what makes it unique and interesting.

I realized the importance and the power of my brand story at a networking event when I was asked, for the umpteenth time  “How did you go from dentistry to social media?”

What is my brand story? How did I go from being a dentist to a social media manager?

I can tell you that it was an interesting journey.


I graduated from McGill Dental School in Montreal and moved to Golden, BC to practice dentistry. After several years of practicing in BC, I developed carpal tunnel in both hands and could no longer work in my chosen profession.

At the time my children were preschoolers so I opted to stay at home for a few years and be a full time mother (some days that was more challenging than performing a root canal!).

When my kids were older, they were involved in several extra curricular activities.

I volunteered at school and with their sports teams. I organized parties, tournaments as well as fundraising events.

Several event planning requests from friends and families led to the establishment of Innovative PlanIt , an event planning company. In my spare time I focused on the social media component of my company. As my social media presence grew, I began to offer the service to clients as well.

I now run a boutique social media company that offers social media monthly support as well as coaching and consulting.

People relate to my brand story for several reasons;

1. It is unique

2. It is genuine

3. It depicts overcoming adversity

4. It demonstrates the ability to adapt

5. It elicits an emotional reaction

“It’s not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” by Charles Darwin

What is your brand story and how can it differentiate you from others in your field?

What emotions does your brand story evoke? Is your story an asset in building relationships and establishing trust?

Take some time to define your brand story. It is key to the success of your business.

“The best brands are built on great stories.” by Ian Rowden

CMO, Virgin Group


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