Traveling the Road to Friendship

By Christine Salberg | Holidays

Mar 27

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Vacations, trips, getaways, holidays; terms to describe time spent away from home traveling, exploring, resting and discovering.

There are the trips that involve traveling to fulfill family commitments such as graduations, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and weddings.

Then we have holidays that are all about relaxing and escaping. These often involve white sandy beaches, turquoise oceans, trashy paperbacks and cocktails with umbrellas.

Finally, we have trips that move, enlighten and rejuvenate us. These could be as simple as a camping trip in the woods or as extensive as your first trip to Asia.

We know that traveling is a great way to expand our minds, open our hearts to new experiences and push the limits of our comfort zones.

We are exposed to people of different cultures, customs, languages and beliefs.

friends in romeRecently I traveled to Rome with four girlfriends. We were five women of various backgrounds who had never traveled together as a group. Our relationships ranged from best friends to acquaintances; two of us had never been to Italy while three others had been there previously. I was very excited to go but also a little apprehensive about the dynamics of the group.  We were renting a two-bedroom apartment and would be in close quarters for 10 days.

On our 4th day we visited The Colosseum. I was overwhelmed by the ancient stones and ruins as well as the size of the amphitheater. I had seen several gladiator movies and could picture the scenes of the barbaric gladiator games.

We returned to our apartment and were supposed to freshen up before dinner. Instead we had a glass of wine and discussed our day and our reaction to The Colosseum. One hour turned to three and snacks were procured and the conversation flowed along with the wine.

Many subjects were discussed such as marriages, children, careers, friendships and parents. During these hours, confidences were shared, lessons were learned, secrets were revealed and barriers were broken. As 3 hours turned to 7 we went downstairs to get a pizza from the local street vendor rather than interrupt the flow of our conversation by going out to dinner.

Could this event have happened at home? Maybe. However, the visit to the iconic Colosseum as well as the distance from home and the closeness of being roommates left us more prone to sharing our thoughts and feelings. Our friendships deepened and our bonds strengthened.

Travel expands the mind in more ways than one, sometimes even in the confines of your rented villa in Rome.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

Mark Twain

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