Time to Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence

By Christine Salberg | Social Media

Apr 14

There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh air after a long winter. Spring gives us renewed energy and hope. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start. We are eager to open the windows, clean and declutter our homes.

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It’s also a great time to review your social media platforms and breathe some new life into them. This ensures that your personal and professional details are still in tune with your brand.

Here are 10 tips to deep clean your social media profiles.

1. Change your passwords.

     Now. Seriously. Use a password manager such as Last Pass https://lastpass.com/

 2. Update your profile picture.

       If you could use your profile picture for Throwback Thursday it’s time to update it.

        Use a professional headshot (no bathroom selfies please!)

3. Overhaul your bio and contact information

        Has your contact information changed? Your job title? New products?

        If all the information is the same freshen up your description to be attention grabbing.

 4. Check Your (not you’re) Spelling

        This shows attention to detail and professionalism, a must for all brands.

 5.  Review your Followers

        Unfollow inactive and spam accounts or ones that are no longer relevant to your brand. 

6.  Double Check the “Appropriate “ Factor

      Should you have posted that picture from New Year’s Eve? Sometimes we have a lapse of judgement.

      It’s a good time to review old posts and make sure they are not detrimental to your brand.

 7. Freshen Your Feed

    Are you posting the same content from the same sites?

    Are you engaging with your audience?

    Try running a poll, a contest or posting a video. Think outside the box.

8. Revisit Your Goals

    Who is your audience and what are you trying to achieve on this platform?

    Ensure that your posts and content are aligned with your goals.

9. Evaluate Your Metrics

    Use your metrics to check what works and what doesn’t. Repeat or delete as defined by your analytics.

10. Add a new platform

      It might be time to engage with a new audience by adding a platform.

      You’re a pro at Twitter? Time to expand to Instagram.

      Not sure what all the fuss is about Snapchat? Give it a try…

Remember to have fun!

      It’s easy to get caught up in the social media hype.

      How many followers? How many impressions? What’s the reach of the last post?

      Remind yourself that the point of social media is to engage with your audience,  share content and have fun.


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