The Calgary Stampede Social Media Etiquette; Do’s and Don’ts

By Christine Salberg | Branding

Jul 08

Think Before You Post or Better Yet Don’t Post!


It’s that time of year all Calgarians wait for…the Calgary Stampede.

This year’s Stampede events may be more subdued due to the downturn in the economy but the risk of inappropriate behaviour is ever present.

It is an important time to remember proper social media etiquette.

If you must post about your Stampede Party …Better to be safe than sorry by following these 10 rules;

  1. Don’t post pictures.

          They can be taken out of context.

      2. Remember you are representing your company.

          Think of your company’s brand and act professionally.

       3. Don’t tag people in posts.

           This is common courtesy that is often forgotten. If you wish to tag ask permission.

        4. Don’t post pictures that display alcohol.

             Some clients may find alcohol at networking events offensive.

         5. Don’t post location party events.

             This is a good security and discretionary measure.

         6. Don’t post inappropriate pictures on personal social media platforms.

              Your brand is just as important as your company’s.

          7.  Don’t drink and tweet! Ever!

          8.  Remember you are networking, not partying. Treat your colleagues with respect.

          9. Ensure proper language and spelling on posts.

          10.What goes on social media stays on social media. You will be judged.


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