Social Media and Event Planning

By Christine Salberg | Media

Apr 06
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Social Media has changed every aspect of business and event planning is no exception.

banquet roomEvents used to be promoted by newspaper ads, flyers in community centers, ads in community newsletters and by direct mail.

Social media is a great tool for event planners as it promotes networking opportunities, social engagement and attendee communication and collaboration.

So how can you use social media to promote your event?

Here are ways to use the 3 biggest social media platforms today.


I am a big fan of Twitter. With over 1 billion users and 100 million active users, you can reach a staggering number of people.

Use your company’s Twitter account to promote your event. Start by giving your event a name and then create a hashtag (ex. #Casablanca Gala).

Send out regular tweets promoting the event as well as tweets related to your business and the theme of the event.

Use Twitter to announce speakers, entertainment, details of the event and even parking logistics. Tweet during the event and include pictures so your followers who can’t attend can be a part of the action.

Engage in conversation with other guests as well as  business associates.

Follow up the next day with a thank you tweet as well as a picture from the event.


Today LinkedIn is so much more than a place to post your resume. Good content is valued by the 277 million users  and businesses are posting articles daily. From building solid business relationships to posting news about your event, LinkedIn is a valuable social media tool.

Your event may also be promoted through the LinkedIn groups that your business belongs to. This will ensure that you reach the correct audience and will drive attendance to the event.

You can establish leads and relationships with vendors, venues, speakers and sponsors.

You can promote your event and send invitations to your connections. Their RSVP’s appear on their profile and is then seen by their connections as well thereby increasing the exposure of your event.


A Facebook business page is a great place to market your event. The oldest and most used social media tool boasts 1.26 billion users.

Ask people to “Like” your page and to talk about the event on your wall. Ask your fans to invite their friends in order to generate excitement about the event. Post pictures of the event the next day while tagging well know speakers and guests.

Due to the real time nature of social media   (remember Ellen’s self tweet at the Academy Awards?)   it is a great medium to showcase your event.

A successful event will not only be promoted by your business but also by attendees , sponsors and other businesses that you have contracted for the event.

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