Why You Need To Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

By Christine Salberg | Relationships

Mar 16
woman with oxygen mask

How often have you found yourself in this predicament? You have agreed to too many commitments and are completely overextended. You are supposed to volunteer at your child’s school, take your mother to the doctor, make muffins for your son’s hockey team and have a report ready for work. Do you at that point in time stop working on the tasks at hand and read a book? Go for a run? Have tea with a friend? Of course not! Why? Because we feel guilty if we give less of ourselves than 100% and sometimes say no. The dilemma is that if you don’t rejuvenate yourself there is nothing left to give.

man with oxygen maskThe airlines call it the “ Put Your Oxygen Mask On First” rule. We hear this simple rule every time we fly on a plane yet we fail to apply it to real life. It’s a simple concept, in order to help others you have to take care of yourself first.

Ask yourself what it is that recharges your batteries and do it. If it’s an afternoon movie, taking a yoga class or spending time with your best friend do it and enjoy it guilt free. Take the time to feel happy and fulfilled and you will be better equipped to help others.

So stop feeling guilty…put your oxygen mask on first.

When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.

Benjamin Franklin

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