What Your Mom Never Told You About Live Tweeting at Networking Events

By Christine Salberg | Corporate

Feb 11
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Our moms have always taught us about manners; say please and thank you, don’t talk with your mouth full, shake hands, look someone in the eye when speaking.

So what would mom say about staring at your phone during a networking event? (Mine would be disappointed). Here are some tips that you can use to maximize you social media footprint (while keeping mom happy).

Relationships are the core of business development and social media can accelerate the relationship building process. Social media is a great way to maximize your online presence.

After all,the human connection is the component that makes live events so powerful.

Remember to be the Social in Social Media.

When you showcase your participation at networking events you are demonstrating that you are passionate about your profession. It takes time and effort to network and attend conferences and lectures, time taken from family and leisure. It enhances your brand by showing your commitment to self improvement.

Some professions such as doctors, dentists and engineers are required to take continuing education courses to renew their licenses. Entrepreneurs who voluntarily attend networking events and conferences are showing their dedication to their business.

The social media platform of choice to use during a networking event is Twitter.

Twitter is the real time information network that empowers its users to share and discuss interesting content.

The brilliance of Twitter is its simplicity to use, its brevity and its speed.

It’s also the most public social network as we don’t need to “friend” someone like on Facebook or ask to join their network like on LinkedIn . You can follow anyone you wish and read any tweets you want.

Twitter has:

  • 284 million users
  • sends out 500 million tweets daily
  • 80% of users are mobile
  • 63% use their phones as their primary tweeting device

Tips for before, during and after a networking event.


1. Have a fully charged mobile device. If your event is after hours make sure you charge your phone before leaving the office. You can’t do much tweeting on 12% power.

2. Find out the hashtag of the event and use it in all tweets.

3. Find out the twitter usernames of speakers and people you want to connect

with . You don’t want to waste valuable time looking for them during the event.

4. Start promoting the event as least a week before, say you’re going, ask

specific contacts if they are, CREATE A BUZZ.

5. Out of courtesy, inform your followers that you will be live tweeting so they

are aware of increased tweets.


1.Tweet key points from speakers and mention them by twitter handle to engage them in conversations after their talk.

2. Engage in conversations that you see developing by following the event hashtag.

3. Ask interesting questions and initiate debates with fellow attendees.

4. Respond to as many people as time permits (you can always respond later if you run out of time).

5. Maximize your reach when you respond by placing a period or words before a user name when you reply if you want the conversation to be visible to all.

“Hi @JaneJones, I’m looking forward to talking to you at the break. “

If you reply with the user name first, only people who follow both of you will see the conversation. “@JaneJones, let’s meet at the coffee shop at the break”.

6. Use images or pictures as they get shared more often, 89% favourites and 150 % retweets. The Ellen Academy Awards selfie was shared over 2,000,000, so much so that Twitter service was interrupted for 20 minutes.


Ellen selfie at the Oscars


When you attend a social networking event with no speaker try the following


  • set a goal such as send 2 tweets, take 1 selfie , exchange 1 business card
  • walk around, mingle, introduce yourself
  • if you are tweeting and someone approaches you, put your phone down and converse (a live conversation takes precedence over a tweet, right mom?)
  • plan to tweet and take pictures of the event when you are circulating the room on your own (replenishing your plate, going to the restroom).


1.Continue to follow the hashtag and relevant conversations.

2. While the event is fresh in your mind, blog about the key points as well as your opinions and comments. You can post the blog to your website and then tweet it, thereby driving traffic to your website.

3. Most importantly, connect with new contacts by following them on Twitter, liking their Facebook page and asking them to join your LinkedIn network. A networking event can greatly increase your social media network.

Tweeting from events allows you to make a connection that can last beyond the event and can grow into organizational partnerships and collaborations.

It’s also a great way to showcase your professionalism as well as your dedication and passion for your business.

Remember to be the Social in Social Media.

We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.

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Christine possesses an exceptional ability to understand a clientʼs vision and bring it to fruition. Her creativity and attention to detail fuel exceptional results every time. Her insightful, innovative approach provides a personal touch tailored to an individual clientʼs needs. She thrives on meeting deadlines while making sure that client expectations are exceeded on every single project.

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Whova (@WhovaSupport) February 1, 2016

Hi, Christine! Excellent article–really loved how it broke it down with tips for before, during, and after the event. “Set a goal such as send 2 tweets, take 1 selfie , exchange 1 business card” was our favorite idea!

    Christine Salberg February 1, 2016

    Thanks for the comment. We believe that you should mentally prepare for a networking event by having a couple of goals. As Ben Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

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