Instagram Stories; the shiny new object?

By Christine Salberg | Social Media

Aug 15

Social media is constantly evolving and it can be a full time job to just keep up with the latest trends and platforms.

In my opinion there are no social media gurus, just geeks like me who like to do research.

As far as social media is concerned I’m a late bloomer but a quick study. I love learning about new social media platforms and the best way to use them.

However, I was not sold on Snapchat. I was mainly using it to send funny snaps to my grown kids.

When Instagram stories appeared I inwardly groaned and thought, “Don’t ruin Instagram for me!”.

But less than 2 weeks in and I love Instagram stories! They are fun, easy to post and entertaining.

The ins and outs of how to post a story can be found here.

Once you post a story it stays live for 24 hours. You can add to it in that time span.

You can also use content from the previous 24 hours of your camera roll.

The story can be saved (for future use) or shared to other platforms.

It also has “Likes” which shows who has viewed your story but only you can see this 2nd page (by swiping up on your story).











So why are Instagram Stories better than Snapchat? They aren’t however if you’ve been slow to embrace Snapchat (like me), it’s an easy way to use the feature on a platform you are familiar with.

What I especially like about IG stories is it lets you share additional content without adding to people’s feeds.

They have the option to view your story or not. Also I have found it leads to more dialogue with viewers.

People can send you messages about your story which increases engagement. It’s a great way to keep the “social” in social media!

It also allows for more spur of the moment posts , as they don’t require the great picture quality that you expect in Instagram posts.

If you have a business account it’s an original way to promote a new product, service or create a buzz about an upcoming event.

“Stay tuned for” … posts keep viewers engaged and anticipating.

So are Instagram stories the new shiny social media object? Only time will tell… but I for one love them.

Give them a try if you haven’t already and let me know what you think. I’m on Instagram as christine_salberg 🙂

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