We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat

By Christine Salberg | Family

Jan 02
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The other day I was having a friendly debate with a friend about where the line “We’re going to need a bigger boat” comes from. Well most movie buffs know it’s what Chief Brody says to Matt Hooper when he sees the size of the shark in the movie Jaws. I looked it up and noted that the Urban Dictionary cites “It’s the phrase used in day to day life when a situation seems insurmountable.” This saying sums up my year.

As my previous blog states, I have just completed my “Milestone Year” I had some big plans and hopes for this year but as we all know “Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans”  by Allan Saunders.

The year did not pan out as well as I had hoped and I was uncertain as to my next plan of action. I took a week off and unplugged from the Internet (yes it can be done! ) and went on a walkabout of sorts. (A modern day walkabout refers to a time of reflection in solitude from community and routine, a time to detach and fortify the spirit.)

Instead of throwing in the towel I rebooted and came up with some coping strategies to get through a rough patch in life.

Here are my 51 tips to help you get through some tough times (in honour of my 51+ years on this fabulous planet.)

1. Stop saving that good bottle of wine. Drink it on the couch with a bag of Cheetos if you feel like it.

2. Write a letter in cursive writing to an elderly relative or a teenager and mail it.

3. Pop the bubbles on bubble wrap for an hour while thinking of nothing.

4. Make a snow angel in fresh fallen snow.

5. Build a sandcastle by yourself.

6. Eat your favourite ice cream from the tub…so cliche but so good.

7. Mentor someone, it’s a win, win.

8. Give your grown son a Christmas gift that will make him as happy as a 10 year old.

9. Give your teenage daughter a gift that will make her feel like a woman.

10. Give more than you take.

11. Have champagne and oysters for dinner.

12. Take your mom to high tea.

13. Start a journal.

14. Forgive someone who has wronged you.

15. Volunteer at a centre for the elderly.

16. Have a scavenger hunt with your family.

17. Plant an herb garden.

18. Run on the beach.

19. Buy something from a vintage store.

20. Do something way out of your comfort zone.

21. Read the autobiography of someone you admire.

22. Do something nice for a stranger anonymously.

23. Put an extra 5 pounds on that bar bell.

24. Ask your mom about a family recipe and learn how to make it.

25. Hit a punching bag with boxing gloves while listening to the theme from Rocky.

26. Introduce a movie you love to a good friend.

27. Make a time capsule that represents your life now.

28. Go on a trip alone.

29. Empty your entire fridge and throw out that 5 year old bottle of shrimp cocktail sauce.

30. Look at old photo albums with your family.

31. Play a board game from your childhood.

32. Get a new haircut.

33. Start a collection of kitschy items.

34. Learn to say ” I love you” in 5 languages.

35. Fly business class.

36. Learn how to make a really good martini.

37. Buy a piece of art that you love but almost can’t afford.

38. Learn how to change a tire.

39. Start a new tradition with your family.

40. Drink only good tequila.

41. Make a new friend.

42. Learn a musical instrument, join a team sport, get a new hobby.

42. Read the classics.

43. Go camping.

44. Spend the 1st real day of spring on the grass watching the clouds go by.

45. Do a 1000+ puzzle or the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle.

46. Learn 5 jokes, 5 riddles and 5 limericks because laughter is good for the soul.

47. Call an old friend that you have lost touch with.

48. Renew your library card and read a book a week for a month.

49. Change a routine that you have had forever.

50. Spend an afternoon browsing through an independent bookstore.

51. Ask yourself ” When you were little, is this the person you dreamed of becoming?” If not, become that person.

These tips are productive, frivolous, constructive, useful and fun. I have already accomplished some and plan on tackling the rest in 2015.

My advice to you, borrow some of these, make up your own, do whatever moves you.

When life gives you more than you know what to do with, turn around, wink at your best friend and tell them “We’re going to need a bigger boat !”

Wishing you a fantastic 2016! Happy New Year!

Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one’s journey is easy. It’s how they handle it that makes people unique.

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