Raven Bay

Raven Bay offers business strategy and operations, data visualization, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Their social media goal was to “punch above their weight.”

We developed a social media strategy based on this goal and their brand. We redefined their brand and focused on their offerings, as well as their community involvement.

In two years, we increased their Twitter following tenfold, tripled their Facebook interactions, and doubled their LinkedIn followers. This was achieved by following a consistent posting schedule, live tweeting of events, and promoting upcoming events and offerings.

A social media campaign was launched in September 2015 for the Calgary Chamber Small Business Week event. Raven Bay was named as a Customer Service Finalist.

Don O’Dwyer - Raven Bay CEO

Christine Salberg from Innovative PlanIt is a dedicated, detailed, and organized individual with a penchant for the creative. She has presented our message on key social media platforms succinctly and intelligently.

She understands our message, the clients we want to reach, and helps us "punch above our weight" to a broader geography than we would be able to reach via traditional print and banner marketing methods.

ONE! Brand Partner

ONE! Brand Partner provides branded promotional products to increase your brand recognition. ONE! Brand Partner had no social media sites thus their goal was to establish a social media presence in order to promote their services and products.

We established social media accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We developed an audience and engaged with affiliates of the organization.

We wrote a monthly blog about the benefits of using promotional products for marketing purposes. By promoting the blog on social media networks, we increased traffic to the website.

In addition, we used Instagram to showcase products, increase brand awareness, and promote dialogue. Instagram stories showed behind the scenes content and were well received.

The Instagram and Twitter reach grew rapidly, while Facebook and LinkedIn show continued growth.

Jessica Barnes, Marketing Director ONE Brand

​“Christine skillfully managed our four social media platforms, Faceboook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as posted relevant content regularly. We recommend Innovative Planit and Christine Salberg to anyone who is looking for a great social media manager.”

Prairie Outpost Garden Design

Prairie Outpost Garden Design is a landscaping design company in Calgary. They had no social media presence when they contacted us and wanted to increase their brand awareness in the community. Their goal was to move up in the Google rankings.

We established social media accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We developed an audience and engaged with other landscapers and affiliates in the industry.

We used Instagram and Facebook to showcase finished landscapes. We used Twitter and Facebook to educate and give gardening tips.

We went onsite to take pictures of the landscaping projects before, during, and after.

Prairie Outpost developed an online presence and moved up four pages in the Google rankings in just six months.

Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)

POC’s goal was to promote the industry of professional organizers, increase awareness of the profession, and increase communication with other Canadian chapters.

Engagement was increased by posting daily on Twitter and Facebook.

A Calgary Chapter professional organizer was featured monthly.

The Monthly POC meetings were promoted and live tweeted, which increased attendance.

The Twitter following doubled in 1 year and Facebook interactions increased by 40 percent.

Calgary Mustangs

The social media goal of the Calgary Mustangs was to respond and interact with their fan base. Prior to Innovative PlanIt’s involvement, the social media postings were inconsistent and comments often went without a response.

We posted on Twitter and Facebook once a day and live tweeted during games. We also updated the website with events, as well as changes in the roster.

We posted health and fitness tips for the athletes.

The engagement on Twitter doubled and the feedback from fans, players, and parents was positive.

Midwest Group

Midwest Group wanted to increase the social media awareness of their staff. They asked us to prepare a LinkedIn workshop to increase staff engagement on the platform. Most of the staff did not have a presence on social media, and those that did weren’t using it effectively.

After the workshop, we monitored the activity on LinkedIn and encouraged engagement.

The staff profiles were audited and tips were given on how to improve them.

Karin Wall - Marketing Manager & Business Development | Fastwalls, Midwest Group, Done Group

Christine recently came to our office to give a presentation on the benefits of social media. She was very detailed in her explanations and helped our staff understand the importance of social media. She was very passionate about the idea, and as a result, we have doubled our engagement and presence on social media.

I would encourage any company or firm looking to create a social media strategy to consult with Christine.

High River Dental Center

High River Dental Center wanted to have a consistent and professional social media presence, as well as an updated website. High River is a close knit, small community outside of Calgary with strong community bonds. When they contacted us, they were sporadically posting on Facebook and had a dated, unresponsive website.

We set up accounts on Twitter and Instagram and engaged with members of the community. We rebranded the Facebook account and posted educational posts as well as community minded content.

We facilitated the rebranding of their website and updated it to be responsive. We also educated the personnel on how to professionally post on Facebook.

The community response was very positive and the staff was happy to be involved.

Sort and Toss Professional Organizer

The social media goal of Sort and Toss Professional Organizer was to establish an audience and educate them.

We established Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles and engaged with other professional organizers.

We wrote blogs and promoted them on multiple social media platforms.

In less than 3 years, Sort and Toss became an industry expert and rose from page 12 to page 1 in the Google rankings.