Why Your Business Should Plan a Corporate Retreat

By Christine Salberg | Corporate

May 03
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A great and efficient corporate team functions like any relationship, it needs time to focus, regroup and relax.

A team retreat is a good idea to implement at least once a year at an offsite location.

The purpose of a retreat is to breathe new life and energy into your team. It is important to re-evaluate your goals, your focus as well as your business model once a year. Your business will grow and flourish better if the employees are recharged and motivated.

A company retreat allows your team to step away from every day work issues so that they can review the company’s goals at a higher level. The retreat gives you the opportunity to reaffirm your brand, mission and objectives.

In order to reap the advantages of a retreat define the following objectives;

*have specific goals in mind

*have an agenda that allows some flexibility

*employees should disconnect from work calls and emails

*ask for input from your team

*include brainstorming sessions and the free flow of ideas

*develop objectives to take back to the office

*implement a plan of execution

*have a follow up session within 1 month of the retreat

There are various types of corporate retreats depending on your company’s budget and schedule. Your budget should include any loss of revenue from down time.

A corporate retreat should include the following elements;

*a corporate retreat facilitator/event planner (this enables the key players to focus on the goals of the team versus the logistics of the trip)

*ideal duration is 1-4 days in length

*an offsite location (this can be as simple as a hotel downtown in your city or as extravagant as a weekend in Las Vegas)

*opportunities for outdoor as well as physical activities (nature walks,hiking,skiing) *opportunities for bonding and socializing (theme dinners, treasure hunts)

*team building activities that promote cooperation

*some downtime for individuals (the last day, sessions start at noon instead of 8am)

Your corporate team will benefit from the retreat by having a stronger vision, culture and purpose. Ultimately, this will lead to an improved brand experience for your customers.

The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.

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