10 Twitter Treasures

By Christine Salberg | Corporate

Mar 28
twitter bird

I have a confession to make…I only joined the social media party in October 2013!

I started with Twitter and it was love at first tweet!

18 months later I have 2000+ followers and I love to tweet! My kids think I’m addicted (maybe I am, just a bit).

Don’t get me wrong , I also use LinkedIn and Facebook, but Twitter is my true love.

Instagram is next on my list of social media platforms to tackle.

Why Twitter? It’s fast, easy and it’s the most social network out there. I love it because I’m a social outgoing and creative person. Twitter allows me to showcase all these qualities.

twitter bird

Here’s how…

1. Simple

Twitter is simple to use. Short and sweet. 140 characters. Fire it off like a text from your phone.

2. Social

You can use Twitter to talk to people, ask questions, get information. Twitter allows you to reach out to experts  in your field like in no other platform.

3. Research

Twitter can be used to look up information using hashtags.

4. Content

Twitter has great content, served fresh daily.

5. Support People

Twitter Lists allow you to check in on people and companies that you wish to support.

You can do that by engaging them in conversations, mentioning them in a tweet that would interest them or by giving them a shout out.

6. Showcase Your Brand

Who are you and what are you passionate about? Twitter allows you to tweet about personal interests as well as business. This enables consumers to connect with you and your brand.

7. Stay Connected

You can get a brand’s attention by Retweeting and Favouriting their tweets. It’s a subtle way to compliment them and have them notice your brand.

8. The Costanza

Like George Costanza’s dating strategy, you can stay at the forefront of people’s minds by showing up in their timeline and notifications through Retweets, Favourites and Mentions.

9. Get the news in real time

I’m old school, like really old school. I love books and reading the newspaper. Twitter has changed my lifelong habit of reading the paper with my morning tea. Now I check the news sites on Twitter with my tea and tweet interesting news stories in real time.

10. Creativity

Twitter allows you to be creative. Make a joke, tweet a picture, comment on real life events. Wonder if anyone is listening? You’d be surprised.

Twitter is so much more than a place to post a picture of your lunch or cat (or your cat eating your lunch for that matter).

Use Twitter to its full potential.

Reach out.


Have fun!

….In 140 characters or less.

Twitter is not a technology. It’s a conversation. And it’s happening with or without you.


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Christine possesses an exceptional ability to understand a clientʼs vision and bring it to fruition. Her creativity and attention to detail fuel exceptional results every time. Her insightful, innovative approach provides a personal touch tailored to an individual clientʼs needs. She thrives on meeting deadlines while making sure that client expectations are exceeded on every single project.

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