10 Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

By Christine Salberg | Social Media

Nov 14
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Social media is a key element to marketing for small businesses.

Twitter is an ideal tool to keep business owners current on what is happening in their industry. It also helps them connect in real time with key targets such as customers and potential leads. Successful brands can create a community on Twitter and build a strong follower base to engage with.

Twitter originated in 2006 and has 271 million users, 78% of which are mobile. Over 500 million tweets are sent out daily.

“We have thousands of businesses on the platform, and what many of them find is that it’s an equalizer. Small or medium business, or large business, they can still interact and engage with customers, regardless of their budget,” says Russ Laraway, the director of Twitter’s Small and Medium Business division.

If you are new to Twitter or not sure where to begin, here are 10 Twitter Tips for beginners.

1. Choose a Twitter handle that is brand related and easy to remember, preferably your name or your company name.

2. Upload your logo or your picture to your profile rather than the anonymous egg avatar. People identify with imagery.

3. Post relevant information about your industry while promoting your business. The ratio of information to self promotion should not exceed 4 : 1. Use links and images to increase engagement.

4. To be social, you need to engage with questions such as “Love this new app! Have you tried it? Any problems?”

Follow people and brands in your industry and with common interests.

5. Respond to negative as well as positive comments in a reasonable time frame. Most customers expect a response within 2 hours. Make sure your social media is being monitored several times a day. A speedy response can turn a complaint into a positive experience.

6.Engage key people in your industry. “Great article on the iphone 6. Do you have one yet @JohnSmith?”

7. A retweet is sharing someone else’s tweet with all your followers. A Favorite is similar to the “Like” button on Facebook. It saves tweets for easy reading at a later time. You can return the compliment by retweeting or favoriting that user’s posts or by following them.

8. A hashtag is used before a word or group of words to search for relevant articles on a given topic ex. #socialmedia

9. Do not auto direct messages as they are perceived as automation of your account which leads to losing followers.

10. Place a period or words before a user name when you reply if you want the conversation to be visible to all. “Hi @JaneJones, I did try the Evernote app and loved it. “ If you want the conversation to be seen by your common followers reply with the user name first. “@JaneJones, I did try the Evernote app and loved it.“

I started tweeting over 2 years ago for my business and just LOVE it!

Happy Tweeting!!

If you want to build a presence in the social media platform, then you need to be present.


It’s not just about consuming content, but sharing it, passing it on, and adding to it.


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